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Place your inspirations and wishes in good hands and let them evolve into jewelry.


Are you tired of seeing the same jewelry as far as the eye can reach? Are you looking for that certain something and can´t find it?

You are thinking: “That can`t be true.” However, it can. But it doesn`t have to! I can assist you to escape the mainstream and to manufacture your custom-made piece of jewelry.

Custom-MADE Jewelry

The world of jewelry is multifaceted and filled with unexploited possibilities! Everything is possible with your custom-made design. A trip down memory lane or rather towards the future?


Do not hesitate any longer!


You don´t have a precise idea yet of how you want your piece of jewelry to look like? Get inspired by my instagram channel. 

Take a chance

There are moments in life that cannot be put into words, therefore it is important to capture them.

Shine on your special day with your custom-made piece of jewelry.


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I will assist you in implementing your thoughts into a custom-made piece of jewelry that will fit your budget.

Implementing your creation

Once you are satisfied with my jewelry draft, I am going to implement the drawings into reality.

Escape the mainstream

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, I am going to ship your new piece of jewelry to your door step.


GoodBYe Mainstream,
Hello Possibilities

You look to your left and right; do you spot the same rings, necklaces or earrings everywhere? No matter if it is in shop displays, on social media or the person sitting next to you on the bus. There´s an end to it now!


Imagine you had a piece of jewelry that expressed your congeniality perfectly.


There are moments in life that cannot be put into words, therefore it is important to capture them. Convince yourself of my love for the golden detail in this video.

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